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Melody B. Post
August 28, 2009
As I drive to work, I look forward to listening to your program on KJSL. I can't wait to here which song that is sung for the message. It gives me great joy & inspiration during the day. I love music.......
Millie T. Post
August 13, 2009
Sister Linda,
I want to wish you a happy Birthday! I enjoy your piano playing and singing. You have a great range you can sing any part. I hope you have a wonderful day. Hey, does Brother Dennis ever let you talk on the broadcast, that would be good to hear from you?
I wish you many more birthdays to come.
Millie Taylor
Vernon W. Post
August 1, 2009
I listen to your broadcast every weekday morning on KXEN, St Louis, I really enjoy, and look forward to listening you in the morning.
Felix H. Post
June 24, 2009
Dear Bro.and Sister Myers I enjoy listening to your Spirit Filled program as often as I can on 1090KAAY.Today,you really perked up my ears to listen.You would think it almost Unbelievable what you said,but it's the Truth.Our own President stating the month of June to be recognized for the cause of Homosexuality.God help us.It's just one more reason to add to the list of why GOD will judge America.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 12, 2009
I have just started listening to your radio broadcast ministry and I enjoy it very much and I thank God for you and your wife. cjb
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 13, 2009
I miss your broadcast on Weus thank God I did get to listen to you for a few times .
Brother Belcher
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 8, 2009
After so many times being awakened in the wee hours of morning by music that warmed my soul, I have found where it was coming from. My reception isn't always so good; and it was almost impossible to hear your complete address (or your names, for that matter).
Hours of sitting at my desk searching through web sites and contacting several radio stations in Illinois have paid off.
I, too, would be interested in tapes or CD's if you have them. If you do any traveling in Arkansas, I would love to be in service with you.
In His Love,
M Cook
colin b. Post
February 24, 2009
Hello, I listen to your broadcast on I-4 on my way to work here in Orlando. Glad to have something on the radio telling the truth. Keep up the good work and thanks.
Lisa H. Post
January 23, 2009
Brother and sister Meyers
I look forward to listening to your broadcast.
God Bless you.
Lisa Hutcheson
F.U.P.C P. Post
January 17, 2009


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