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Phillip B. Post
December 17, 2008
Phillip B. Post
December 17, 2008
Pastor myer I really enjoy the broadcast each morning on kxen in St.Louis @ 5am. keep spreading Gods Word
and making a difference in the lives of so many people saved and unsaved with the Gospel.
John H. Post
December 17, 2008
Brother Myers every morning as I traverse my way down the highway to work I listen to your radio program. It lifts my spirits so that I can meet the day head on. Whatever is thrown my way I turn over to the Lord to handle. God bless you both and your program is a blessing.
Paul S. Post
November 15, 2008
Dear Dennis & Linda,
Hi, This is Paul, (You probably already know who it is!) Anyway, My Mom & Dad were down this past Thursday and we were sitting at the table talking about the internet & such and Dad asked if I had even been to Bro. Dennis' web site & I said "No I didn't even know he had one" & they proceeded to tell me the name of it and I told them I would be looking y'all up soon, So I did and Let me tell you IT LOOKS GREAT! I am sure God will bless y'all richly for your efforts and I am sure Linda's Parents would be Proud of this Great work for the Lord!
Keep up the good work and May God Bless y'all and hope we can be in town some time and attend your services with Mom & Dad!!

God Bless Paul & Margaret Scarbrough
P.S. Please pray for us and our Church ( Rock of Ages Pentecostal Church) (Charlestown, IN )( Rev. Bobby Ashburn is our Pastor ( some of y'all around Batesville, AR might know Bro.Bobby as he used to pastor there at one of the Church's (Church of God I believe it was)
philip m. Post
October 28, 2008
What a blessing it is to click on your broadcast and feel the power of the LORD! Your Gospel message, Spirit filled singing and music, and the power of the Holy Ghost just flows! I can feel the spirit of the Lord right in my living room. Keep the message flowing to so many people in the world who need the daily preaching and teaching that God leads you to.
Marcus M. Post
September 1, 2008
God bless you Dennis and Lynda. Continue to minister in the power of the Holy Ghost that was ushered in through Pentecost! Amen.

Brother Marcus
Naomi P. Post
August 26, 2008
I really enjoy Listen to you on KWXT in Russellville AR.IF YOUR ever around this area would Like to meet yall.
Kathy R. Post
August 20, 2008
Thank you so much for allowing God to work through you to be a blessing to my aunt who lives in Warrensburg, Mo. She has had a difficult year, losing her husband, moving to a different location & poor health. Thank you for truly being an instrument of the Lord.
"Now the God of peace be with you all." Romans l5:33
Kathy R.
Midland, Texas
keijo l. Post
July 13, 2008
And let the blessing of you run over for today the lord will touch many painful men and save in Christ and let many be blessed of you and of all believer in Christ for today is the day of salvation and healing.Pray and watch,thanks and blessa nd hope,keijo sweden
harry v. Post
July 11, 2008
Harry V.
I listen to you on WGGH out of Marion, Illinois and enjoy listening to your singing. Keep up the good work!

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