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Kirk S. Post
November 12, 2018
Almost one year of freedom. I have a great job, great home, great life, and most of all,....A great love for our savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for all you prayers.
Kirk S. Post
November 11, 2018
Prayer works ! Since my release from Federal prison, I have maintained employement, have a wonderful home , and most of all the knowledge the Jesus forgave my sins and has given me another chance. Thank you for your prayers and support, you helped save my life !
Kirk S. Post
April 9, 2018
12 years in federal prison and you gave me light in darkness. Jesus is wo derful
Royce C. Post
March 11, 2018
Hello haven't heard from you in a while.just found this website.
Looking forward to be in service with you soon. I will be calling this summer.
Steven D. Post
May 4, 2017
Well, I am the odd duck here. I am a Calvinistic Baptist and yet I love your profound Christian witness and thank my God for your program. The Holy Ghost has given you a double measure of His blessing. May the Lord continue to richly bless your ministry!
gary g. Post
December 10, 2016
you are so right, we remember the birth date.but its really about the dead,Thats where life really begin. Thanks to the power Pentecost, I can justify paying for my computer. It's all so easy, knowing that anytime night or day. I can have you in my home. Thank you Brother and sister Myers
Sherry N. Post
October 16, 2016
Good Morning to an old classmate and friend. I love the Spirit-filled singing and old-time but relevant preaching on your broadcast. It is so good to hear the old-time hymns as I do not appreciate some of the contemporary songs that pass as worship. Although I do not get to hear you every week, my husband and I do as much as we can to further the Word of the Lord and teach the Gospel of Christ. May you and Linda be blessed in your ministry!
August 26, 2016
Thanks for you music and messages. Monie and I are both enjoying your electronic ministry.
Mike and Cindy M. Post
June 19, 2016
Mike and Cindy M. Enjoying you in the morning on 104.1 KMHM
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